Everybody Loves,...
Tiny Boxes Boutique
31 Main St
Plymouth, MA 02360
because everybody loves
"Tiny Boxes!"
silver jewelry, semi precious stones, fresh-water pearls, shells, beautiful
real butterfly wing jewelry, recycled water and wine bottle pieces, hand
blown crushed recycled glass, handmade fair trade items, crystals, mood
beads, drusy jewelry,... Everything you could want.
We carry fabulous mosaic mirrors created by
Mark Parobeck, from Saratoga Springs.  Made
from recycled mirrors and wood.  More to
Friday 10:00-7:00
Saturday 10:00-7:00
Sunday 10:00-5:00
Monday 10:00-6:00
Tuesday 10:00-7:00
Wednesday 10:00-7:00
Thursday 10:00-7:00
Trollbeads Decorative Eggs